…to make
a difference? 

Is there a burning challenge that you are seeing in your neighbourhood or the world that needs to be addressed? People are rallying to giveback like never before. There is still poverty, hunger, disease, environmental issues and inequality. There is a recognition that complacency is not the answer. Collectively we have the abundance to make change. For example, with hunger we know that there is enough food internationally produced for everyone to have enough. But 70% of food that is produced is wasted as it might not look the way that it ‘should’ or due to logistical errors or what goes bad in our fridges at home or what isn’t eaten on our plates. If we all worked together, hunger isn’t necessary. Hunger could be ‘solved’.

We need to stand up and make a difference. That is what the Community Innovation Hub is all about. A rallying place. A place for change to start. A place to think different about the challenges we face. A place to make a difference.

Example Changemakers

What is a community innovation hub?

Community Innovation Hubs are where changemakers are able to gather and support each other in this important work. It is space for changemakers to build out their ideas and to connect with other like-minded individuals.
The function is support of each other. It is a space where local changemakers gather on a bi-weekly basis to:

• learn from local experts on topics from fundraising to design thinking to governance to branding

• join in peer-to-peer coaching where everyone shares their challenges and supports each other through their own experience

• build the network and local eco-system of changemakers

Hub Showcase

Example Hubster

What Is The Giveback Economy?