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March 2020 Community of Faith Story: Joshua Creek Community Church & Heart Comonos

Is there a burning challenge that your community of faith is seeing in your neighbourhood, local community or the world that needs to be addressed? People of all or no faith(s) are rallying to give back like never before. While there is still poverty, hunger, disease, environmental issues and inequality; we know that complacency is not the answer. We hold in common enough knowledge, resources, time and talent to go from scarcity to abundance. For example, we know that there is enough food produced globally for everyone to have enough. But 70% of food that is produced is wasted as it might not look the way that it ‘should’ or due to logistical errors or what goes bad in our fridges at home or what isn’t eaten on our plates. If we all worked together hunger isn’t necessary. Hunger could be ‘solved’.

We need to stand up and make a difference. Act local while impacting global. That is what the Community Innovation Hub is all about. A rallying place. A nurturing place.  A place for change to start. A place grounded in relationship. A place that prioritizes spiritual and social innovation & impact.  A place to make a difference.

What is a community innovation hub?

Community Innovation Hubs are communities of faith where changemakers gather and support each other in the important work of making a difference in society. It is where changemakers build out their ideas, connect with other like-minded individuals and form relationships of trust, accountability, learning and support.

Here, local changemakers:

  • learn from local experts on topics from fundraising to design thinking to governance to branding
  • join in peer-to-peer coaching where everyone shares their challenges and celebrations in an atmosphere of support
  • share their own experiences for the shared good of social change
  • build the network and local eco-system of changemakers
  • engage in spiritual capacity building so that the whole lives of changemakers and their communities can flourish

Hub Showcase

Example Hubster

Interested in being a Community Innovation Hub?

We have everything that you need to get started…

  • a Startup kit to get your hub off of the ground, including coaching and support throughout
  • Growth kits for any of the various directions that your spiritual institution and the community is asking for
  • Connection with the other hubs, reducing isolation and promoting creative thinking
  • An online presence in our membership directory, including details about your Community Innovation Hub and a shareable video about the story of your specific Hub

And everything you need to feel supported along the way…

  • Peer to peer network & events – keep connected with online general gatherings (non-members welcome) and specific member gatherings for community hubs, arts centres, cafes & catering and more
  • Commoning leadership support – if the idea of commoning and commons captures your theological or justice oriented imagination we have information and events for you to explore this societal shift more deeply
  • Funding advocacy – have a project but lacking funding? Members receive customized funding advocacy by way of grant opportunity recommendations so you can focus your energy on grants that will work for you