Community Building


The Community Innovation Hub provides community for social innovators, social enterprises, nonprofits and charities to learn and grow. This is all about the community!  The ongoing organization depends on the following;

  1. Monthly Learn-Shops (workshops)

Everyone has a gift to share.  Often we simply aren’t asked to share them.  The recently retired or young professionals who live in our neighbourhoods have a plethora of business experience that they can share with social enterprises, nonprofits, and social innovators. They just need to be asked to share.

  1. Monthly Masterminds (Peer-to-Peer coaching)

Everyone has a gift to share.  We see this in the peer-to-peer coaching.  Everyone arrives with a problem, the entire community works to help address those challenges and find resources for each other, and each social innovator has accountability to meet their goals for their next gathering. This is “positive peer pressure”!

In the first 3 months, these sessions should be coordinated by the Community Innovation Hub lead.  But over time, the speakers should be recruited from the Hubster’s network and the communication tasks should be owned and taken over by the Hub members.

The key to success is understanding that although this is a new community within the church, that this community is only stronger as it grows in relation to the existing community of faith.  In many ways, both are living out their faith, but it just looks different.


Interested in becoming a Community Innovation Hub?