Needs Assessment

There are many different ways to do church. There are the traditional ways that we have seen and experienced church, and then there are new and emerging ways of being church in the community.

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Getting the word out there into the community is an important job!  But the great news is that there are a lot of co-conspirators out there that will think that the Community Innovation Hub is a great idea. Who?

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Set Up

Making space available is easier than we think!  Often we think that we don’t have space or we are worried that we can’t make this work.  We think that you’ll be surprised.

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Community Building

The Community Innovation Hub provides community for social innovators, social enterprises, nonprofits and charities to learn and grow. This is all about the community!

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The community will flourish! And no one knows where it will go.  And this is okay.

There are many different directions that the Community Innovation Hub could take.  The key is to foster and encourage the community, and then start following the energy.

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Interested in becoming a Community Innovation Hub?