The Eco-Commoning Project

What is the Eco-commoning project?

The Eco-Commoning Project is a partnership project between Community Innovation Hub and Eco-Commons. The Project aims to shift the social, political, economic and spiritual mindset from an individualistic-capitalist system of thought to a relational; or eco-commons way-of-life . The Commoning Project lifts up the values of local, cooperative, equitable and sustainable in order to envision communities of faith as radical Changemakers and Innovators in this area. 

The Eco-Commoning Project Virtual conference

Stayed tuned to our website and social media for more information about our Spring Conference happening across Canada!

Eco-Commoning Resources


An Introduction to the Commons by Rev Dr Ted Reeve

Rev Dr Ted Reeve shares some background on the commons as a social, political, economic and spiritual framework – outlining myths, strengths and application to communities of faith. Find more information at:

Watch his presentation:

See the powerpoint slides: 

Reclaiming a Down-To-Earth Way of Life

At a more grass-roots level, some of us have found the old idea of the commons to have relevance in the 21st century. The idea of being commoners and engaged in commoning gives fresh expression to a way-of-life that is down-to-earth, practical, cooperative, participatory, local and yet with global understanding.

Reclaiming the Commons for the 21st Century

This pre-modern concept of the commons – people working and sharing together – has new relevance in the 21st century. We have come to articulate this life choice as seeking a common GOOD.  Join us in exploring what this means.

Lessons from the Social Gospel that support 21st century Eco-Commoning

The social gospel emerged in the early 20th century as a response to the abuses of capitalism and the need to understand how the church, and state, could be part of building God’s Kin(g)dom on earth. A hundred years later, we continue this struggle but with the added need to ensure the earth’s wellbeing as well. This article details some of the social gospel’s influence back then so that we might be inspired to carry it on now.