Funding advocacy

We Are Working For You!

Community Innovation Hub staff have access to a wide network of funders and databases and can recommend specific grants to members based on the projects that you are working on.


Researching a new idea? We know a grant for that!

Starting a community garden? We know a grant for that!

Launching an after-school youth space? We know a grant for that too!


You go be innovative, and we will keep an eyes and ears open for the financial back-up to make it happen!

Secular Grants?

But what about grants that are “not available to religious organizations”?

Often, communities of faith self-select out of grants with this condition when they do not have to. Many granting organizations will welcome social innovation and social enterprise applicants that are associated with a religious organization if they can demonstrate that their innovation is solving a problem in the community. Community Innovation Hub leaders are involved in educating granting organizations about possibilities and will speak with committees and foundations if on behalf of members if necessary!