The Network

Hub Locations

Where is Community Innovation Hub? Right across Canada. Be it East coast, West coast or anywhere between (and beyond) innovators are everywhere and if you want to find them check out the Hub Locations. And if you are looking for Peter, Carla or Sarah, check out Contact Us to find the best way to reach us.

Peer to Peer Network and events

Looking for a way to start building your connections to other innovators? Check out our general Hub Gathering once a month where you can connect online with leaders from communities of faith, learn about their successes and challenges and bring your own questions to those who just get it.

Interested in skill-building? Check out our themed Gatherings for a more focused learning opportunity.

Be sure to also keep an eye on this space for any events that may be coming up be they conferences, workshops or cohorts there are lots of opportunities to grow your network.

The Commoning Project

The Commoning Project is a partnership project between Community Innovation Hub and Eco-Commons. The Project aims to shift the social, political, economic and spiritual mindset from a individualist-capitalist mindset to a relationship focused Commoning approach. The Commoning Project lifts of the values of Local, Cooperative, Equitable and Sustainable and envisioning communities of faith as radical Changemakers and Innovators in this area.




Funding advocacy

Community Innovation Hub staff have access to a wide network of funders and databases and can recommend specific grants to members based on the projects that you are working on.

Member Resources

This is the place for paid Community Innovation Hub members to access additional resources, learn about member events and pricing, and find the Community Innovation Hub Starter Kit for Communities of Faith.