Volunteer With Us!

Why Volunteer?

To make ‘interruptus social innovation change’ we need many volunteers with enthusiasm, passion, interest and skills to support the GiveBack Economy Community Innovation Hub.

As a volunteer you network with others, learn, have fun, get recognition and GiveBack to your community. We need both experts and those willing to learn.

You can participate in more than one area. The time commitment is 1-20 hours per month for 10 months and you can be a leader or learner or supporter.

Please submit a brief resume to peter@communityinnovationhub.org or send him an email with your questions.

Event support, event organizer, event manager-can be a one time activity or for several events including planning, executing and reporting on for on-line or in-person activity.

You can participate in one or more teams where you learn or provide management skills/knowledge;

1) communications, marketing, branding, promotion including social media and sponsors
2) media-radio, tv, podcast, magazine
3) partnerships-local, regional and national
4) TEAM including volunteering
5) operations and technology using a variety of tools
7) finance and admin. – including planning, sourcing and reporting

This position requires an outgoing person who can communicate and co-ordinate community activity with partners

This position requires individuals who provide text or video support.

This position requires individuals who are willing to support on-line, by telephone or in person to social innovators. This may include for social innovation challenges, social innovation jams, agrihood, community innovation hubs, coworking spaces, maker spaces and spiritual institutions.

Let us know which areas you are interested in or have skills/knowledge/leadership that you would like to make contributions in. Send a brief resume with your email to info@communityinnovationhub.org and we will respond within 24 hours.