Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Innovation Hub?

We are a resource hub and connector.  We recognize that Community Innovation Hubs are going to look different in every single neighbourhood, as something different is needed in each place. But Community Innovation Hubs need 2 things;

  1. Advice& encouragement on how to get this started and how to grow it.
  2. Connection with each other as a network of Hubs doing great work and learning from each other.

Community Innovation Hub resources are gathered here to help guide you through your own journey. Some additional language and questions that you might be seeking are:

What is a Social Innovation Challenge?

This is an event for those who have an idea to contribute to solving a community problem. Innovators develop their ideas and present them to a panel of judges. Community Innovation Hub has a kit and coaching available for those wanting to start or grow.

What is Agrihood?

This is application of agricultural products, services and social enterprises using space inside and outside spiritual institutions in rural and urban communities. It also includes growing outside in winter. Community Innovation Hub has a kit and coaching available for those wanting to start or grow Agrihood.

What is Coworking Space?

This is space inside spiritual communities and spaces in the community where small business, social enterprise, non-profit and charity rent space as members and also participate in events and workshops. Hubsters from community innovation hubs often move to theses paid rental spaces for use on a more regular basis. E.g. Community Innovation Hub has a kit and coaching available for those wanting to start or grow a Coworking Space.

What is Makerspace?

This is a membership based location where members use application not a home or at work to make items, which could be prototypes. Members can be hobbyists, contractors or small business owners. E.g. and . Community Innovation Hub has a kit and coaching available for those wanting to start or grow a Makerspace.

What is a Social Innovation Jam?

This is a 1 ½ hour event to learn and apply social innovation that could lead to developing a social enterprise and connect with other “JAMers” in different communities. Using the Community Innovation Hub kit you can get support in conducting your own or have a facilitator conduct it for you in person or on-line.


Yes. Contact the team to plan and schedule in person or on-line events.

Why Spiritual Institutions?

The Hubs in churches, mosques, parishes, synagogues, parishes and temples all have unused space!  Plus they have the great mindset of how to be part of their neighbourhood.  Helping their neighbours and community is part of their innate mission!

Not only can they provide space, but spiritual institutions have social capital in their neighbourhood.  What spiritual institution through their community doesn’t know the newspaper, the mayor, and a multitude of other local organizations?  This is hugely beneficial to a spiritual or social entrepreneur and can increase their chance of success (and making an impact) 5 fold.

The spiritual institution also gains by engaging and giving back to the community.

How can Spiritual Institutions change?

The Community Innovation Hub provides learning for new services, programs, projects and events supporting the community and engaging in inter faith activities. Community Innovation Hub has a kit and coaching available for those wanting to support Spiritual Institutions.

Why are Spiritual Institutions included in the Community Innovation Hub organization?

Many have unused space that can be used for meetings, workshops, presentations, client meetings. The benefit is that they engage and give back to the community, and become more known as a gathering place during times and days that the spiritual institution is not used for spiritual services, programs and events.


What Support Is There?

Everything that the spiritual institution & entrepreneurs need!

The Community Innovation Hub resources include a step by step guide of how to get started, ongoing coaching and connection with the other hubs.

For the spiritual and social entrepreneurs there is elearning, access to a mentor program, and other events.

What is elearning?

This is on-line learning where participants learn at their own pace e.g.

Is there mentoring support available to help learn and grow in general and specific areas?

A large number of generalists and specialists are available to help social innovators, spiritual institutions, community innovation hubs, agrihoods, coworking spaces, makerspaces, social enterprises, small business, non profits and charities through our

Can I connect with hubsters, members, hubs, agrihoods, spiritual institutions. Coworking spaces, makerspaces in other communities to collaborate and share ideas?

As a member of the Community Innovation Hub you are expected to connect, share and collaborate best practices.

Will there be live and on-line events nationally and regionally?

Yes. As we grow we will recruit regional ambassadors who will find out needs of hubsters and members and then establish events and programs.




How do I create a social innovation?

Start with identifying a community, province or country problem and determine who is impacted.

Brainstorm individually or in a group solutions, evaluate and chose the best. Determine what the impact would be.

Do I need a team to start a social enterprise?

It is recommended that you have a core team of 3-4 and then volunteer boards of advisors to provide free advice, sales leads and referrals and credibility to your enterprise.

For more information, connect with the Community Innovation Hub team.

Do I need a lot of money to be a hubster or member of the agrihood, coworking space, makerspace and hub?

Thorough passion. planning and team building, money is a lower priority. Research provides examples that will assist.

What takes place at the HUB, Agrihood, Coworking Space and Makerspace?

The activity is determined by the needs of the community hubsters and members. It can include workshops (in-person or on-line) and roundtables to solve problems and get support for opportunities.

Can a Social Enterprise be a for profit, not for profit, charity?

Yes. You could one or more of these and register in legal formats.

What is a social franchise?

Some organizations decide they want to replicate or scale their model in a few communities as a social franchise. One example is . The Community Innovation Hub team can help you do social franchises in several locations.






Can I volunteer?

Can I become a volunteer for the Community Innovation Hub, in what areas and what are the benefits?

Yes!. You can become a member of one or more of the following committees:

Communications, marketing, branding, promotion; Media; Partnerships; Technology; Research; Administration; Finance; People Resources

You can also become a regional ambassador providing motivation and support in your community.

Mentors are needed to provide support for hubsters and members.

Time commitment is up to you-anywhere from 1-15 hours per month.

Some of the benefits for volunteers include:

-networking with other volunteers, hubsters, members

-learning new skills and knowledge

-giving back to community

-having fun


What is CSR?

CSR is corporate social responsibility and can be applied by organizations wanting to give back to community through financial, in-kind and volunteer support. There are benefits to applying such a strategy that can support several people through actions. Learn more by contacting the Team.