About Us

Our Story

Carla started a social enterprise in early 2009.  But she didn’t know it was a social enterprise. And she definitely didn’t know that she was a spiritual entrepreneur.

There were no resources for social or spiritual entrepreneurs, there was no flexible office space to run her business, and she found it hard to find emotional support during this early stage. She worked from a coffee shop every morning from 6am until 9am, and then she used her neighbours’ home office to run her business for the rest of the day.

It was during this time period that she started going back to church and exploring  spiritual practices like yoga and journalling.  She needed the community and a chance to regroup prior to launching back into Monday morning.

A decade later, Carla & Peter are supporting Community Innovation Hubs across the globe in spiritual institutions that help guide entrepreneurs to resources, provide needed space, and mostly create a community of hubsters making a difference.

Our Vision

We help grow spiritual institutions as Community Hubs, Community Innovation Hubs, Agrihoods, Coworking Spaces and Makerspaces to engage and giveback to community.

Our Team

Igniters and Founders

Peter Miller is a former commercial banker, serial entrepreneur, and is most recently the co-founder of the Social Innovation Challenge and the Community Innovation Hub project. He is also treasurer of a global Rotary e-club of social innovators. Rotary has 1.2 million members in 36,000 clubs including 300 e-clubs

Carla Leon wears many hats including Director of Innovation at the United Church of Canada, co-founder of Small Business Solver, the Social Innovation Challenge, the Social Mentor Network, and now the Community Innovation Hub project.

Both are passionate about social innovation, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility as demonstrated in their book, the Giveback Economy. All royalties go to the GiveBack Fund to support development and growth of Community Hubs, Community Innovation Hubs, Agrihoods, Coworking Spaces and Makerspaces across Canada.


Charlotte owns and successfully operates the Village Hive, a coworking space in Markham, Ontario, and is known nationally and internationally for her knowledge, skills and experience.

Derrol runs a 7,000 sq. ft. coworking and maker space in Newmarket, Ontario.

Simon runs Simon Steeps and has helped others with design and permaculture and is located in Windsor and was successful in a Social innovation Challenge.

Peter's Interview

Past, Present & Future


Many activities have been initiated in the past including the Social Innovation Challenge, the Social Mentor Network, the Markham Hub, and the book, the Giveback Economy.


We have added additional partners in agrihood, coworking space and makerspace to our model together with guidance kits to show communities how to plan, design and implement.

We have set up this web site and social media and team to motivate and support others across the country to learn and grow in their community, engage and giving back.


Our plan is to replicate our model in up to 300 locations in communities, provinces, territories across Canada and then support them through sharing and engaging to make repurposing, innovation and change a necessity.