Get Set.


Is your community of faith ready to learn more?


To get your Community Innovation Hub off of the ground, you are provided with coaching support through the Community Innovation Hub team and volunteers that are committed to your success. You will also be invited to a network of Community Innovation Hubs across the country where you can learn from them and share your insights as well.


To launch a Community Innovation Hub, some initial financing is helpful.  Of course, the more that you have allocated the more options that your Hub has early on.  This is great, but not necessary.  In fact, sometimes having too much upfront can hinder a Hub from co-creating what is actually needed.

It would be beneficial to have $1500 – $5000 allocated for the start-up funding.

Some basic supplies that are needed are:

  • Wifi or Internet
  • Chairs & desks

Everything else can wait until the Hubsters co-create what is needed.

Community Innovation Hub’s Starter Kit for Communities of faith

The Starter Kit is an outline of all of the moving parts as your Community Innovation Hub launches and continues to evolve.  Every context is different, but the Starter Kit gives an overview of the stages as well as an understanding of the different options to include in your Hub.

The best practice is to not plan everything upfront.  As your community grows it will bring new energy with it, and the way your Hub evolves might not be the way you originally thought.  Often it is much better!  So don’t over plan upfront, and allow it to go in the direction that the community needs it to.


Interested in becoming a Community Innovation Hub?