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Communities of faith thinking like a hub

Communities of faith – churches, temples, mosques, synagogues, and any other gathering motivated by a faith tradition – are fertile grounds from which active, vital, Community Innovation Hubs can rise and benefit the area (both immediate and surrounding), the country, and even the world, for a few reasons:     

  • Communities of faith tend to think like hubs already.  They develop out of a need for people gathering – not just for worship, but to take care of each other. The people in communities of faith gather to prepare and eat food, to help each other raise children, to help the marginalized, to heal each other, and to experience and enjoy the benefits of community.
  • Communities of faith already build hubs. Communities of faith build and run hospitals, schools, food banks, help for the homeless, disaster relief, and long-term care – among other things! 
  • Communities of faith have the resources to be awesome Community Innovation Hubs. Communities of faith usually underestimate (to a tragic degree!) the resources available to them – their unutilized and underutilized building space, their members’ skillset and contacts, the potential partnerships in their area, and the willingness of other individuals and organizations to work with them to make the community a better place.   

What kind of change can your community of faith make in your community? Your world? It’s time to get innovative and find out!  

What Does membership include?

For the yearly membership cost of $100, a community of faith receives:

  • A consultation with your Board about your community of faith’s needs and potential directions for development. 
  • Coaching and one-on-one support to customize your experience.
  • The Community Innovation Hub Starter Kit for Communities of Faith
  • The Neighbourhood Kindness and Motivation Generator Kit (coming soon!)
  • A feature page on the Community Innovation Hub website. Check out those pages.
  • Peer-network support
  • Funding advocacy and personalized letters of support for funding applications
  • Increased visibility through social media and as a featured example in community gatherings and presentations at innovation-themed events
  • Exclusive price-discounts and access to Community Innovation Hub learning events

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