Kits & Coaching

The following kits are offered by Community Innovation Hub with coaching sessions to help individuals and teams learn and grow to achieve success, engage with and give back to communities.

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Starter Kit for Communities of Faith Provides ideas and inspiration for deeper, more effective community engagement using the tools of social innovation & social enterprise 

Community Innovation Hub Transform your space, engage and support members, and run a space where community centred co-creation and innovation flourishes

Agrihood Establish resilient, high yielding food growing systems in indoor and outdoor spaces, large and small. Engage with community around community grown agriculture.  

Coworking Space Develop a collaborative co-working space,  provide membership-based rental space, create learning and networking opportunities, and re-vision your space as meeting rooms, office space, hot desks and gathering spots for socially minded enterprises. 

Makerspace Develop a space and acquire supplies and equipment needed for small businesses, contractors, hobbyists and community members to access the tools they need to allow their creativity to shine.  

Social Innovation Challenge An opportunity for innovators to network, learn & partner with others while pitching an idea for financial, in-kind, e-learning or e-mentoring prizes. 

Social Innovation Jam A 90 minute workshop to teach social innovation and social enterprise to all ages. 

Organization Social Responsibility & Intrapreneurship How to transform your organizational culture to one that prioritizes giving back to the community

Growing Organization Social Enterprise & Intrapreneurship Financial & measurement tools, ideas and opportunities for scaling social enterprise and intrapreneurship

Hand-Up Homeless and Incarcerated Entrepreneur Program Set-up and run a chapter organization to help those experiencing homelessness start and run a business 

Association of Community Champions Bringing social innovators, enterprises and organizations together to harness collective problem-solving power 

Activate Seniors! A resource for gathering the skills, knowledge and experience of senior adult volunteers who are looking for ways to give back to their community

Small Givebacks – Inspiration & tools to make a big impact with simple actions

Innovation Ready A two-day social innovation and social enterprise workshop for communities of faith delivered by Community Innovation Hub

Diary Writers A workshop on writing “diary” entries for use as a published work of community storytelling

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