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Interested in becoming a Community Innovation Hub?



The Community Innovation Hub  offers the following kits to member communities to faith to assist individuals and teams to learn to explore different ways of engaging with and giving back to their communities.

The kits are currently being redeveloped, so only a a few are available at the moment. For more information about any of the kits and details about when the full list will become available, contact Sarah at  

Currently Available

Starter Kit for Communities of Faith – All members receive the Starter Kit. This guide talks about how to use social innovation and social enterprise to facilitate deeper, more effective community engagement. 

Activate Seniors! – Build a program that links community organizations that need volunteers with seniors with time, skills, knowledge and experience to donate with the purpose of giving back to their community

Acts of Kindness – Learn how acting with kindness benefits individuals, groups, and communities, and how you can design your own kindness initiative that will make your community a better place for everyone to live.

Community Engagement and Outreach -Learn the importance of engaging with as others as a community of faith to address the challenges facing your communities, instead of waiting for community to come to you. Explore the potential opportunities available to communities of faith that do effective community outreach and engagement!

Community Innovation Challenge – Plan, implement and follow up on a successful Community Innovation Challenge. Kits available for online and in-person events

Inclusion and Diversity – Learn how diversity benefits everyone and how to create a culture of diversity in your community of faith, workplace, and community where everyone feels fully able to participate with dignity and in safety.

Social Innovation Challenge – Plan, implement and follow up on a successful Social Innovation Challenge. Kits available for online and in-person events.

Social Innovation Jam – Plan and run a fun and educational gathering, appropriate for use with all groups, where participants use their creativity to develop solutions to social challenges while learning about social innovation and social enterprise.

Storytelling Initiative – Plan and launch a project, program, or social enterprise that documents and share the stories of individuals and/or organizations that the community can benefit from them.

Coming Soon 

Agrihood InitiativeEstablish resilient, high yielding food growing systems in indoor and outdoor spaces, large and small. Engage with community around community grown agriculture.

Community Innovation HubTransform your space, engage and support members, and run a space where community-centred co-creation and innovation flourish.

Co-working Space – Develop a collaborative co-working space,  provide membership-based rental space, create learning and networking opportunities, and re-vision your space as meeting rooms, office space, hot desks, and gathering spots for socially-minded enterprises. 

Diary Writers – Learn how “diary” entries can be used as a published work of community storytelling.

Growing Organization Social Enterprise & Intrapreneurship – Explore financial & measurement tools, ideas and opportunities for scaling social enterprise and intrapreneurship

Hand-Up Homeless and Incarcerated Entrepreneur Program Set-up and run a chapter organization to help those experiencing homelessness start and run a business 

Makerspace – Develop a space and acquire supplies and equipment needed for small businesses, contractors, hobbyists and community members to access the tools they need to allow their creativity to shine.  

Organization Social Responsibility & Intrapreneurship – Explore how to transform your organizational culture to one that prioritizes giving back to the community

Wellness Initiative – Plan and launch a community hub that offers wellness-related businesses, non-profits and other organizations a centralized space in which to offer services and community members a one-stop access point for these services