Become A Champion

Who Is a Community Innovation Hub Champion?

People who want to help build the network.

To make a disruptive, innovative, social change we need many volunteers with enthusiasm, passion, interest and skills to support the GiveBack Economy and Community Innovation Hub.

As a volunteer you network with others, learn, have fun, get recognition and give back to your community. We need both experts and those willing to learn.

What Do Champions Do?

All kinds of things! 

Event Champions

Event support, event organizer, event manager: can be a one time activity or for several events including planning, executing, facilitating and reporting on events that take place on-line or in-person.

Team/Skill Champions

You can participate in a team (or teams!) where you share your skills/knowledge to leaders in communities of faith and those who access their Hubs, all while sharpening your own. We need team members for:

1) Communications: marketing, branding and promotion (social media experience is especially valuable here!)

2) Media: radio, tv, podcast, magazine

3) Partnerships: local, regional and national

4) Team-building and volunteer coordination

5) Operations and technology

7) Finance and admin. – including planning, sourcing and reporting

Mentorship Champions

This position requires individuals who are willing to provide support to communities of faith and social innovation leaders, on-line, by telephone or in-person. Mentors are needed for social innovation challenges, social innovation jams, agrihood, community innovation hubs, coworking spaces, maker spaces and helping encourage mindset change in communities of faith.

Advisory Champions

Advisory champions sit on the Board of Advisors and provide input and direction for the Community Innovation Hub leaders. Champions from communities of faith, entrepreneurial, not-for-profit & for-profit business, community associations and marginalized groups are needed for thoughtful, engaging discussions with a diversity of opinions and experiences.

how DO I become A Champion?

Let us know who you are, what you are interested in and why by submitting a brief resume & volunteer* application to  or email with your questions. The time commitment is 1-20 hours per month for 10 months and you can be a leader or learner or supporter.


Download the Volunteer Application Form