Be A Partner

We Love Our Partners!

Our partners are organizations with which we share information, events, webinars, and ideas to build, improve and give back to communities.

Partner organizations have helped us develop kits, provided coaching to our members, and co-planned social innovation events. In return we have promoted their events on social media, offered webinars by our social entrepreneurship experts and provided financial support and expertise for their events. If your organization is interested in partnering with or sponsoring  Community Innovation Hub by providing volunteers, event-planning, financial or in-kind donation support email Peter

EDGE – A Network For Ministry Development

EDGE is the innovation branch of the United Church of Canada. EDGE works with congregations, regional councils, and ministries across Canada in the areas of new ministry, renewing ministry, property, and innovation. EDGE supports Community Innovation Hub through its expertise if financial advocacy, Embracing the Spirit, social innovation events and more. Find out more here: or on Twitter @edge_ucc, Facebook @edge.ucc or Instagram @edgeucc 

The Village Hive

The Village Hive is a coworking, meeting and event space in Markham ON with additional locations in Stouffville and York. Village Hive “Queen Bee” and Founder Charlotte Kirby was involved in the initial testing of the Community Innovation Hub model and provides coaching and consultation for Communities of Faith that are interested in hosting coworking spaces in their buildings and congregations. Find out more here: or on Twitter @TheVillageHive, Instagram @villagehivemarkham, and Facebook @thevillagehivemarkham

NEw Make It

NewMakeIt is a makerspace and digital innovation hub located in Newmarket ON. NewMakeIt leaders were instrumental in the development of the makerspace kit for Communities of Faith. If you are interested in learning more about NewMakeIt and makerspaces check out: or find them on Twitter @NewMakeItSpace, Facebook and Instagram @NewMakeIt 

Homeless & Incarcerated Entrepreneur

Homeless Entrepreneur was developed by Andrew Funk first in Barcelona Spain ( In 2019 Peter Miller brought the program to Canada through partnerships with community organizations that serve those experiencing homelessness. Homeless Entrepreneur empowers people experiencing homelessness with career and small business startup coaching so that they can use their existing skills to start their own small businesses. Contact for details.

Cedec – CommunIty Economic Development and employability corporation

CEDEC is a volunteer-driven economic development and employment organization serving primarily anglophone Quebec. CEDEC offers webinars, articles, and social media chats through their online platforms to Community Innovation Hub members as well as coaching to communities of faith in Quebec. CEDEC’s resources are especially helpful to communities of faith that are considering innovative entrepreneurship as their connection point to communities. Check out:  and find themon Twitter @CEDEC_QC or Facebook @CEDEC.QC