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Social innovators with ideas do not require paying a membership in the first year.

The membership fee for social enterprises, small businesses, small non-profits, small charities, academic departments, communities of faith, medium sized businesses, small/medium government operations, foundations membership fee is $100 per year

The membership fee for large corporations, non-profits, charities, government operations membership fee is $200 per year.


The significant benefits of being a Community Innovation Hub member include:


  • Networking opportunities with other members
  • Sales leads/referrals
  • Opportunities to co-create and collaborate with other members
  • Learning & sharing opportunities through webinars and events
  • The chance to develop new partnerships
  • A listing in our Membership Directory


You can support the Community Innovation Hub in many ways. You might make a donation:

  • Financial
  • In-kind (skills, services, products)

You also might volunteer for programs, services and events. We appreciate and value whatever you can give as a Supporter!

Supporters include:


  • Academic Institutions
  • Charities
  • Communities of Faith
  • Corporations
  • Donors
  • Foundations
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-profits
  • Partnerships


We are building volunteer Boards of Advisors – 3 teams of 5 people to meet online for 30 minutes once a month. The meetings will be a roundtable discussion to generate ideas on the best ways to solve a problem or make use of an opportunity.

Advisors that have signed on so far include Carla Leon of Make It Fly Consulting and the United Church of Canada, and Peter Stastney, a bilingual general consultant in Quebec, bilingual who provides coaching support in several communities.

If you would to like to join us as an advisor please send an email briefly describing your skills and experience to

We also need volunteers to help us with tasks and events to learn, connect and have fun. If you, your family and friends are interested, email Sarah Levis  with a brief description of your knowledge and skills.

Age is not a factor! Benefits of volunteering with us include opportunities to:

  • Learn new things
  • Network with members and other volunteers
  • Give back to your community
  • Add to your resume
  • Have fun!

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