Are You Ready?


To be part of the Community Innovation Hub, we are looking for social & spiritual entrepreneurs that are trying to make a difference in the world or their community.  Here is Quadruple Bottom Line that you can use to decide if that is you:

  • Social impact: Are you making the neighbourhood a better place through helping people in poverty or who are marginalized in some way? Are there deeper community challenges that you are seeing such as isolation?
  • Ecological impact: We only have one Earth. Do you have an idea to help reverse or stop the negative impacts that we have on the environment?
  • Financial impact: Does your idea have a financial plan to support it?
  • Spiritual impact: Is your idea related to spirituality in any form? Does it help with relationships between people, relationships with themselves, or relationship with their faith?

Your idea doesn’t have to be perfect.  The Community Innovation Hub is here to help increase the impact of any of these bottom lines.

The easiest way to know if your idea is a fit?  What’s on your heart?  Why are you interested in doing the amazing work that you are doing?  Maybe you don’t know the “why”, but you have a great story that illustrates the passion behind the work that you are doing. Let us know what that is!

Interested in becoming a Hubster?