Connect with the Minister

It is all about community.  The minister will want to meet with you to learn more about you & your social enterprise.

This is a great chance to find out other ways that the community of faith who is sponsoring the Hub can support your work.

  • Could you be part of their fundraising event(s)?
  • Could you do a talk about your work during worship?
  • Could you showcase what you are up to during coffee hour?
  • Could your events be in the newsletter?
  • Do you need a shared platform?

As part of the Hub, it is all about the relationships.  This is a great one to start off with.


What do you need resources on? Online resources to support business plan writing, marketing, sales, and financial projections are all available. Hubsters have access to over 180 training modules and webinars.

Learn more here: http://social.smallbusinesssolver.com/

Online Conversations

Sharing our learnings and our stories is important for our own growth and in helping others.  Hubsters are welcome to join these conversations, tell your story, and learn about amazing work that is happening across the country.

Each online conversation will have some panelists who are doing related work.  They will tell their story and where they are headed.  Then all of the participants will be broken out into small online groups to tell their own story, connect with each other, and share learnings.  This is interactive and fun!

Learn more here: http://www.edge-ucc.ca/online-conversations/

Social Mentor Network

Mentoring: All Hubsters are welcomed to the online community that connects you with subject matter experts, mentors, and fellow social entrepreneurs across the country.  Studies have shown that a social enterprise with a mentor are 80 percent more successful. We have volunteer mentors from across the country who will be matched with you and your idea.  You will be contacted by the Social Mentor Network’s Community Manager to get started: socialmentornetwork@gmail.com

Learn more here: www.socialmentornetwork.ca

Interested in becoming a Hubster?