Social & Spiritual Entrepreneurs


Are you looking to make a difference?  Are you a social or spiritual entrepreneur?

Social Entrepreneurs

You are a social entrepreneur if you are hopeful of using business practices to create a social or ecological impact within your neighbourhood or the world. For example, a social entrepreneur is Lucinda who is creating an apprenticeship program for marginalized youth in the community.  Her business hires these youth and trains them on how to retrofit houses to reduce the cost of heating.  She also ensures that they have in class training to help on overall communication skills and financial literacy that goes beyond the onsite skills that they need.  She is helping to equip them for life!  This makes a positive impact on every youth that she hires and trains, as well as helping to reduce the energy use of the homes.  It is using business practices, as the homeowners pay for the retrofit work to be done at a market rate.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

You are spiritual entrepreneur if you are a social entrepreneur, but you have a keen recognition that you are doing this work for a spiritual or holistic reason that is in you. For example, a spiritual entrepreneur is Mohammed who is running a café that hires new immigrants and provides them with food handling training, Canadian work experience, as well as help in resume writing and connections with other restaurants that are hiring.  He recognizes the ‘why’ he is doing this work is tied to his personal mission and his faith. Part of the design of the café is that people are encouraged to be in relationship with each other and to alleviate isolation.  All are welcome.

The Hub Is For You!

Either way, the Community Innovation Hub is the place for you to meet other like-minded individuals, join a network focused on increasing their collective impact, and a community of people that are there to support each other.

Starting a business is tough!  It is extremely emotional with the ups and downs.  Here is a place to find connection and to find the support that you are looking for.

Are You A Social Entrepreneur?

Are You A Spiritual Entrepreneur?

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