Shelburne-Primrose Pastoral Charge

The You Belong Here Room

The Shelburne Primrose Pastoral Charge, about an hour and a half north of Toronto, is in the active stage of morphing from a traditional Sunday morning focused church to an interactive hub offering sanctuary and compassionate care to the community. This is both an exciting and a daunting enterprise.  

A major focus of this transformation has been the “You Belong Here” room at Trinity United Church Shelburne. In this highly-configurable space, built with attention to environmental impact and furnished by local artisans, a number of partnerships have begun, been nurtured and grown. 

Current Partnerships

Soup Haus
St. John the Evangelist Sunday morning Parish
Shelburne Seventh Day Adventist
Catholic Women’s League
Dufferin Child and Family Services
Partera Peacebuilders International – Series of Workshops
Second Saturday – Interfaith Dinner and Dialogue
Noni Thomas, Teaching Music to Young Children and Parents
Yoga As Spiritual Practice with Alex 

Coming Soon
Discussion groups based around the UCC Broadview publication
A Series on Death and Dying in partnership with Matthew Hospice
Various Movie Gatherings

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The You Belong Here room 

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You Belong Here Room

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Garden & Meditation Space
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